AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Smartphone of 2022 – Google Pixel 7

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AndroidHeadlines’ readers agree, the Google Pixel 7 is the best Android smartphone in 2022

Google shocked us a bit with the Pixel 7 in October. It’s a pretty impressive flagship smartphone, at a very competitive price. The Pixel 7 is priced at $599, and that is likely one reason why our readers decided to choose it as the best smartphone of the year, above the competition.

The price isn’t the only reason why the Pixel 7 was chosen by our Editors’ and our Readers this year. It also comes down the camera features, the calling features, and the overall package that the Google Pixel 7 provides.

Remember the Pixel 7 is made by Google, who has done some rather incredible things with its cameras in recent years. That includes the new zooming functionality here. On the Pixel 7, you are able to use 2x optical zoom here, even though there is not a telephoto lens available. Due to the much larger main sensor, now 50-megapixels, Google is able to punch in and crop the image at 2x zoom. All without losing any sort of quality, which really nice to have.


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The smartphone that checks every box

Camera, display and battery are the most important features for most smartphone buyers. And Google has checked all of those boxes. The Pixel 7 performed quite well in our review, in terms of battery life. Not the best, but not the worst. Right there in the middle, which is quite good for a phone at this price point.

The display is now brighter than last year’s, it is also a 90Hz FHD+ AMOLED display. So it’s going to look very snappy too. Google has also fine-tuned the image quality on this display so that images just pop even more.


Now, an area that some might not really think about is, calling. Google has been adding some AI-enhanced features to the Pixel over the past few years. And this year, we got a few more. Like Direct My Call and Clear Calling. Direct My Call will show you the menu that is read off to you when you call an 800 number. Like The Home Depot, or Comcast. This makes it quicker to get through those menus, and also helps with accessibility.

Then there’s Clear Calling. This is available in Beta now, but should roll out to all Pixel 7 users next month. Basically, Clear Calling is able to use the microphones to block out the background noise. Allowing the person on the other end to hear you clearly. Even if you are in a noisy environment like a bar.

Google is continuing to make great smartphones, and our readers are recognizing that with this AH Reader’s Choice award.