AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Fitness Tracker Of 2022 – Fitbit Inspire 3

AH Readers Choice Award Best Fitness Tracker 2022

With the Inspire 3, Fitbit shows that basic doesn’t always mean boring

The Fitbit Inspire 3 wins our reader’s choice award for the best fitness tracker of 2022, showcasing that just because a tracker is designed to be more basic, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. In fact, the Inspire 3 is anything but boring. It’s your personal motivational tool that floats into the background. Doing some of the heavy lifting on helping you become healthier so you can go about your day without being distracted by it.

Smartwatches and more full-featured trackers are great. But they can also have a tendency to take your eye off the task at hand. That isn’t really a problem here. And that’s part of what we think is great about the Inspire 3. It also comes in a few fun colors. And of course, Fitbit has a decent range of band accessories to make it fashionable for any occasion.

But those are just some minor reasons why the Inspire 3 is such a great tracker for many users.


10-day battery life and a bright color display that won’t get in the way

Battery life is one of the main components of why this tracker is a champion. Because it lasts for up to 10 days on a single charge. Which is a huge amount of time to forget about the tracker needing to be placed on the charger. This also plays well into the lack of distraction. Instead of worrying about how much battery life your Inspire 3 has left, you can simply wear it for the better part of two weeks.

In addition to long battery life, it also has a bright color display that’s easy to see in direct sunlight. So when you do need or want to look at it, you shouldn’t miss any important details.

As always, cost is a factor here and it’s entirely worth noting that the Inspire 3 is a high-quality basic fitness tracker that doesn’t cost a whole lot. It retails for $99.99. And that’s a pretty affordable price for everything the tracker offers. Functionally it also delivers on some pretty useful features.


The sleep alarm for instance, wakes you during the optimal sleep stage to keep you feeling refreshed as you get up in the mornings. This is a feature called SmartWake. The Inspire 3 also features ActiveZone Minutes, all-day health tracking, move reminders, menstrual health tracking, smartphone alerts and so much more.

With all of that, it’s easy to see why the Inspire 3 was picked for the AH Reader’s Choice Award for best fitness tracker of 2022.