OnePlus is bringing back in-person events, starting with new Open Ears forum

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OnePlus was forced to move to virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, it seems like the company is ready to revert those changes. OnePlus seems to be bringing back in-person events, starting with a new Open Ears forum.

OnePlus is returning to in-person events, starting with a new Open Ears forum

The company will host a new Open Ears forum in London, as it wants to hear your opinion on OxygenOS. The company software has been under fire from OnePlus fans as it’s very similar to ColorOS at this point, and previous OxygenOS builds got lost in translation.

This event is your chance to tell OnePlus that, and to try to make a change. The downside is, you’ll need to be there in person to do that, of course. If you do live in London, or near it, that’s your chance.


The event is taking place on November 28, as the company announced in a Community post. Do note that only 25 people will be invited, though. If you’re interested, you can still apply.

You can apply until the end of the day, if you live near (or in) London

OnePlus is accepting applications until November 16. Well, including November 16, so you still have the rest of the day to apply if you’d like to participate. The event will start at 2 PM GMT / 1 PM CET / 7 AM EST / 4 AM PST. It will last for three hours, at least that’s what OnePlus is planning.

The company’s Open Ears forums are usually beneficial for OnePlus users. We do get some useful information from them, such as what features users wanted to see the most, and so on.


Following those forums, OnePlus usually also highlights what it’s working on, and if it plans to bring any of the highly-requested features to its devices moving forward.

Many of the features users requested on past Open Ears forums did become a thing, regardless whether their opinions had a direct impact or not. It likely did have some impact, though.

So, there you have it. We’re still almost two weeks away from this event, but stay tuned.