Nintendo won't hit its Switch console sales target this year

Nintendo Switch Joy Con

Nintendo Switch console sales are estimated to be significantly lower than the company was hoping for the fiscal year 2022. This is based on Nintendo’s recent earnings reports, where the company states that it expects to sell about 2 million less units than it was initially predicting.

While Nintendo will fall short of its unit sales estimation, the company still expects to hit decent revenue numbers. By the end of the year, Nintendo believes it will end with 1.65 trillion yen in revenue and 500 billion yen in operating profit. Following an adjustment of its console sales prediction down to 19 million from the previous 21 million.

Nintendo Switch console sales were led by the OLED model last quarter

Nintendo sold a total of 6.68 million Switch units last quarter, with a majority of those being the OLED model. According to the company’s earnings report it sold 3.53 million OLED models of the Switch. The Switch Lite sold the least ending up at 0.92 million units. And the regular Switch is sitting in the middle at 2.23 million.


Nintendo also expects to drive a strong holiday season for sales. Which it shouldn’t have trouble doing thanks to the launch of new, highly anticipated titles. The company says that by continually working to front-load production and selecting appropriate transportation methods in preparation for the holiday season, we will work to deliver as many consoles as possible to consumers in every region of the world.”

The company is committed to making sure consumers have Switch consoles available to buy in these last two months. It certainly seems to paint a better picture for those looking to purchase one compared to those still trying to buy a PS5. Which has yet to really become a lot more widely available following the semiconductor shortages.

That being said, Nintendo’s commitment doesn’t necessarily mean Switch consoles won’t be challenging to buy for the holidays. While it should be easier than past years, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared to snag one. Just in case. You can currently find all models in stock. So if you were planning on buying one for a gift, now is probably a good time.


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