First look at the budget Motorola 'Penang' smartphone

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Here’s your first look at the upcoming Motorola budget smartphone called ‘Penang’. A single image got shared by Evan Blass, in partnership with GadgetGang.

Motorola ‘Penang’ is the company’s upcoming budget smartphone

Now, this truly is a budget smartphone, and by the looks of it, it’s expected to launch in Malaysia. The “Penang” name is actually directly connected with Malaysia, by the way. This phone will be coming to more markets, though, it seems, more on that later.

In any case, you can see the device in the image provided below. The image is not the best, though. The device is shown in ‘Basalt Blue’ color, and it may actually be called ‘Penang5G’. The phone will also arrive in ‘Opal Silver’ color.


Motorola Penang first leak

As you can see, there are two cameras on the back of the phone, while Motorola’s branding is clearly visible on the back too. The power/lock button sits on the right-hand side, right below the volume up and down buttons.

The sides of this phone will be flat, but will come with chamfered edges. Based on the position of the physical buttons, this phone won’t be particularly large. In fact, chances are it will be quite compact.


The phone will include a display camera hole, and a thick “chin”

It will include a centered display camera hole, and have a rather noticeable bezel below the display. We’re still not sure what materials will Motorola use here, but it’s possible this phone will be made out of plastic.

There will be a 5G North American version of this smartphone, by the way. We’re talking about the XT-2313 model number, and that model is coming to all three major US carriers, in addition to Cricket, Dish, and Tracfone.

This model will feature 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. It’s clear that this will be an entry-level smartphone, and that’s all the spec information that we have thus far. We’re not sure when will this phone launch.