Activision will mute toxic Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II players

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II

Activision has made some changes to its reporting system in Call Of Duty games, starting with Modern Warfare II. The new system, Activision points out, will allow for muting toxic players in voice chat and in global text chat. If a player is reported for showing toxic behavior in either, Activision will essentially ban these players from using them.

Of course this would all depend on whether or not Activision verifies that players who have been reported for such behavior actually engaged in it. And hopefully Activision is doing its due diligence here. In a blog post on November 7, the publisher breaks down how the system works. It begins with a brand-new code of conduct that you’re required to accept before being allowed access to play. Something players will see the first time they boot up the game.

The Modern Warfare II reporting system allows for feature restriction

There are still some improvements we’d personally love to see. However, the overhauled reporting system is definitely better than in past Call Of Duty games. There’s still no option to report players for griefing or who are intentionally AFK. Both of which can be big contributions to the toxic nature of the Call Of Duty game community.


But globally muting players is a big step towards improving the chat functions within this game. Call Of Duty voice chat lobbies are, not always great to say the least. If you’re not dealing with heavy breathers that sound like they’re eating their mic all game, you’re generally dealing with people using racial slurs, screaming into the mic for any number of reasons, or just saying some intentionally horrible stuff to other players.

Activision says that the new reporting system will allow its moderation team to restrict people from using voice chat and text chat. If they confirm these players have been abusive and harmful. These features for the mod team are active in Modern Warfare II currently and they’ll be active in Warzone 2.0 when it launches on November 16.