Meta fires employees for misusing account access

Meta Zuckerberg

Meta has recently gone through a pretty big job cut, and it appears that the company had to get rid of a few more people. According to Engadget, Meta had to fire several employees over hijacking Facebook and Instagram accounts.

As you know, Facebook and Instagram are owned by Meta. This means that some staff can have access to accounts from both of those services. This would give certain employees a certain amount of power, as they have backdoor access to these accounts.

Meta had to fire employees for hijacking Facebook and Instagram accounts


If a person’s account is suspended for any reason, sometimes, that person would do anything to get it back. And, this is where this issue stems from. There are companies out there that will charge social media users to gain access to some of these Meta employees. The Meta employees would take bribes from his company and retrieve the account for the user.

This means that a person could break the terms of service for either Facebook or Instagram and merely pay to have their account retrieved. As you can imagine, this did not sit well with Meta. Of the more than two dozen employees involved in this, several of them were dismissed while others were punished. We don’t know the nature of the punishment, however.

Of the employees involved in this, several of them were contracted employees from Allied Universal. However, this should not reflect poorly upon the company itself.


A Meta spokesperson talked about the situation, saying that the “appropriate action” will be taking place. For the time being, we don’t know if there are any more employees at Meta or within Instagram or Facebook that are giving insider access to accounts.

In other Meta news: Meta had to cut 13% of its workforce

Meta is one of the several tech companies that had to cut a large portion of their employees. The company went on a hiring spray during the height of the pandemic. It did this while burning a lot of money on its Metaverse venture.

Because of this, the company is in serious need of some financial changes. As the company’s stocks have plummeted more than 70% this year, it has made the difficult decision to let off more than 11,000 people. The company is going to be shifting its attention to higher priority (which means more profitable) areas.


Thus, ventures like the Meta Portal and the rumored Meta smartwatch have been put on hold. While this is bad news for those unfortunate souls who were let go, Meta is offering 16 weeks of severance pay along with other post-job benefits.