Material You is coming to Chromebooks, and here's an early look

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Material You has made a big splash on Android smartphones, and some of its design cues have snuck their way into ChromeOS. However, Google is not stopping there. The company is going to bring Material You over to Chromebooks, and we have an early first look.

Material You, just like any other design aesthetic, has specific traits that define it. For example, many UI elements have rounded corners in Material You. This gives the software a much more rounded and bubbly look. Many options live within either pill-shaped or rounded rectangular buttons.

We’ve actually been seeing a little bit of this in ChromeOS already. Several menus and other bits of the interface are rounded. So, there’s one major thing that Google can do to the software to make it look more like what you see on Android phones.


Material You is coming to Chromebooks

What’s perhaps the biggest spotlight feature of Material You is the dynamic theming. The feature is called Dynamic Color, and it incorporates the device’s wallpaper colors into the actual color palette. This helps create an overall unified tone for your phone, and people love it.

Well, this feature is finally making its way over to ChromeOS. This news comes to us from a Reddit post. We see ChromeOS with two different backgrounds, and the software mimics the colors in those backgrounds.

The first background is a purple orchid. In the foreground, we see items like the settings panel and separate windows that all share the same aesthetic as the wallpaper. The same goes for the bottom taskbar.


The next background is a shore with green grass and blue Water. The overall aesthetic has a more greenish tone to it. While using the light theme, elements like the taskbar and the settings panel are actually slightly transparent.

Material You on Chromebooks is still a work in progress. Thus, it’s not available to the public just yet. People running the Canary channel of ChromeOS are able to enable the lag called “Jelly”. However, even then, it might not work. If you’re excited about this, you may have to wait a while.