LG unveiled the world's first stretchable high resolution display

lg stretchable display

This day and age is full of many surprises in the display market. We were able to make displays bend, fold, and roll. But, we’ve yet to see a company stretch a display. That is until now. LG has just unveiled the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display.

Several tech companies nowadays have been able to take displays and do many things with them. The increasing reign of the foldable smartphone is proof of that. Just 10 years ago, the thought of taking a display and folding it in two seemed impossible. Now, foldable phones are inching their way closer to the mainstream.

Along with that, we’ve even gotten transparent displays from the likes of LG. The display market is rapidly changing, and we’re just lucky to be able to see it with our eyes.


LG unveiled the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display

LG is a major player in the display game. Its TVs are some of the best you’ll find on the market, and it’s been doing some wild and experimental things with its displays. So, the fact that it’s come up with a revolutionary type of display should be no surprise.

According to the LG Display Newsroom, the company was able to craft a 12-inch display that can be bent and rolled extremely without any distortion or damage to the material. Along with this, it can also be stretched up to 2 inches without breaking.

The company was able to achieve this by using a “highly resilient film type substrate made of special silicon used in contact lenses.” Obviously, the company is not going to give up too much about how it made the stretchable display.


What also makes this innovation noteworthy is the fact that this is a high-resolution display. The company used micro LEDs as a light source and it has a pixel pitch of less than 40μm. The stretchable display has a resolution of 100PPI and it covers the full RGB color gamut. You may very well be able to watch a movie on it

Since this technology is in such an early stage, don’t expect to see a stretchable phone anytime soon. However, LG is going to continue working on this, so we should see applications for it in the future.