Leak reveals key specs of the Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera

Samsung 200MP smartphone camera Galaxy S23

Rumors are that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will bring Samsung‘s biggest camera upgrade in several years. The phone will feature a 200MP primary camera for the first in the Galaxy lineup. The company is still working on the new image sensor. And as its development continues, noted Samsung insider Ice Universe has gotten hold of some key specs.

According to the source, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera can capture 12,240×16,320 pixels resolution in the full 200MP mode. As expected, it will boast pixel binning technology, allowing you to capture 50MP photos in low-light conditions when the full sensor can’t take in enough light. These images will come out as 6120×8160 pixels stills. Nothing surprising here. It’s 2×2 pixel binning (merging four neighboring pixels) to absorb more light and reduce the image resolution to one-fourth.

But, neither of these camera modes will be the default, which isn’t surprising either. A 200MP camera is overkill for regular use. It can come in handy in certain situations, but for capturing your everyday moments, you might not want to use it. The image files will be too big and will quickly eat up your storage space. Even 50MP images won’t be the default resolution. Instead, Samsung will offer another pixel binning setup to produce 3000×4000 pixels images by default.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra will capture 12MP images by default

Interestingly, the default resolution isn’t 12.5MP. Samsung has already launched two 200MP camera sensors and both of them capture 12.5MP shots by default. But the image resolution claimed by the source suggests the Galaxy S23 Ultra will produce 12MP shots. That isn’t anything to be worried about, but it’s another hint that the Korean firm’s third-gen 200MP solution, which it will use on its phone, will be different from the first two sensors.

The same source previously claimed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera will have an optical dimension of 1/1.3 inches and feature 0.6μm pixels. That makes it smaller than the first-gen solution (1/1.22-inches, 0.64μm pixels) but larger than the second-gen sensor (1/1.4 inches, 0.56μm pixels).

It will boast an F1.7 aperture, something the source reiterated in the latest leak as well. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera is of similar size, but it has bigger pixels (0.8µm) and a narrower aperture (F1.8).


While we wait for Samsung to unveil the new flagship, early camera samples from the phone have already started appearing online. And the images suggest pretty big improvements in overall image quality from the current crop of competing phones, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro. Stay tuned for more information on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.