Hulu + Live TV adds more channels for your viewing pleasure

Hulu Live TV App AM AH

Hulu is adding a wave of new channels to its live TV service and will continue to do so over the coming weeks, including the Hallmark channel. Starting on November 1, Hulu added both the Weather Channel and Comedy TV. The Weather Channel is of course, The Weather Channel. Expect live updates on weather as well as the climate and weather-related technology.

Comedy TV on the other hand will feature a blend of live shows, talk shows, sitcoms and more. Hulu already offered over 75 channels via its live TV service before the Hallmark network and other offerings were slapped on. So the service already contained a healthy amount of content to watch. Now, subscribers will get access to even more stuff and the company seems to be broadening what channels are available. Hallmark is a good example here.

There will be three Hallmark channels available on Hulu + Live TV

As noted by Hulu’s blog post, there are three channels dedicated to Hallmark being added. All of which were added today, November 14. There’s the standard Hallmark Channel. Which is a mix of content ranging from original TV series and scripted content to new and old movies. There’s also Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, which broadcasts Hallmark movies and a blend of series content from the “surprise and mystery genres.”

Lastly there’s Hallmark Drama, which will focus on movies and shows in the drama genre, including original dramatic content. This channel comes with the ‘Entertainment Add-on.’ Also worth noting is that both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries feature 24/7 content.


There’s also more channels coming on December 1. Six of these will be music-related. This includes Vevo Pop, Vevo Hip-Hop, Vevo Country, Vevo ’80s, Vevo ’90s, and Vevo Holiday. The Weather Channel en Español, JusticeCentral TV, and TheGrio Television Network are also coming with the rest of the lineup on December 1.

As noted from earlier this month, Hulu + Live TV is increasing in price on December 8 to $74.99.