Google wants to know what you think about the Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro render featured 1

The Google Pixel Buds Pro launched during the summer this year, and they received some good reviews. These are the company’s $199 premium earbuds that offer the same perks that you get from other expensive wireless earbuds. The company has heard from the reviewers, but now, it wants to hear from the rest of the users. Google launched the Pixel Buds Pro survey to gather feedback.

If you remember, the Pixel Buds Pro launched along with the Pixel 6a back in July. They are the top-tier pixel buds, and they bring features over the regular Pixel Buds and the Pixel Buds a. They’re actually the first Pixel Buds to offer Active Noise Cancellation.

Now, you can answer the Pixel Buds Pro survey

Providing feedback on a product is really important. Companies need to know what’s good and bad about their product in order to make improvements.
Google sent out a simple and straightforward survey to let users tell the company how they feel. The survey focuses on both the hardware and software aspects of the earbuds.


In the survey, you will give a 1-5 answer on how satisfied you are with each feature or aspect. A 1 means that you are not satisfied at all, and a 5 means that you are extremely satisfied. There’s also an additional sixth option for if you have not used that feature yet.

Some of the hardware features that the survey asks you about include the case, comfort, battery life, fit, etc. On the software side of things, you can give your opinion on the transparency mode, active noise cancellation, clarity, settings app, and several more.

If you do own these earbuds, it’s highly recommended that you take the survey. Every bit of feedback can help Google improve and deliver an even better set of earbuds within the next generation. You can follow the link below if you’re curious about buying the Pixel Buds Pro.