Google fixed the saved Chrome tab groups issue

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Chrome users who utilize the save tab groups feature have been dealing with a little issue. However, according to Android Police, that issue has finally been fixed.

What are Chrome saved tab groups? Most people on the internet know the struggle of dealing with 101 tabs in their browsers. This is why Chrome brought tab groups. You can take multiple tabs and organize them into collapsible tab folders.

These folders sit in the same area as your regular tabs, and they take up far less space. When you click on them, they will expand to show you all of the tabs within. This feature was more welcome on the desktop version of Chrome than on the mobile version.


However, what if you wanted to save those groups to access them after your current Chrome session? This is where the saved tab groups come in. This will save all of the pages within the tab as bookmarks. Those will live in your bookmark bar. All you have to do is click the saved group and all of the tabs will open.

Chrome fixed the saved tab groups issue

This is a convenient feature, but users have been experiencing a little problem. When users would restart or update Chrome, they would find their tab groups gone. This is a major issue, as there’s no point in saving them if they’re going to disappear.

However, the issue has been fixed. Chrome developers added a new commit last week that cleared up this issue. Just know that This is only for the Canary version of Chrome.


What’s Chrome Canary?

Chrome Canary is the platform that lets users beta test new features coming to Chrome before they reach the public. If you want to check out new features coming to Chrome, you should consider using Chrome Canary.

Just know that whenever you enable a feature using Chrome Canary, it will possibly be unstable. If you’re willing to take the risk, you can download Chrome Canary here. Also, if you want to try out saved tab groups, paste chrome://flags into the search bar, and search for #tab-groups-save.