Google Fi subscribers can get YouTube Premium for free

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Google is giving Fi subscribers one year of YouTube Premium completely free. Yes, that is correct. The service that normally costs $11.99 a month, which amounts to almost $144 a year, is free for Google Fi subscribers. That means you can finally enjoy YouTube videos without having to sit through those god awful mid-roll ads time and again. Not to mention get access to background playback for videos and music.

Allowing you to minimize any video on YouTube and have it play in the background so you can turn off your screen. Essential for helping to preserve battery life. All of that said, there is one caveat that subscribers need to be aware of.

Google Fi subscribers get YouTube Premium for free only on one plan

You can probably guess where this is going. But you’ll need to be on Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan to get the free year of YouTube Premium. This plan costs $65 a month, so you’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth that monthly cost just to get YouTube Premium for free. But if you do need the benefits that the Unlimited Plus plan offers, this is a pretty good deal.


It’s also worth noting that you do not need to be a new customer signing up for this plan to be eligible for the free year of YouTube Premium. This applies to existing subscribers on the Unlimited Plus plan as well as those upgrading to it.

To get your free year of the service, all you have to do is launch the Google Fi app, and you should see a banner message at the top that showcases the offer. Tap on that and move through the prompts, and then select which account you want Premium applied to (if you have more than one). That’s pretty much it. Your free YouTube Premium subscription will be active immediately and you can start enjoying the content.

Those on the Google Fi family unlimited plus plan can also claim this gift, but each member will need to claim it on an individual YouTube account and not a YouTube Family plan, 9To5Google says. Existing YouTube Premium members can also redeem this reward.