The Google app is getting Material You soon

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Since Google unveiled Material You last year, the company has been on a spree applying this new aesthetic to its first-party apps. While it gave the newest look to the mass majority of its apps, there are a few that are still in the queue. For instance, the Google app is next in line to receive Material You.

This news comes to us from an APK deep-dive performed by 9To5Google. As such, you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt. This was discovered within the current version of the Google app. It’s hidden within the code, so Google could possibly make changes before it hits the public.

Material You is coming to the Google app.

At this point, we’re all familiar with the idiosyncrasies of Material You. Everything is rounded and bubbly. Options now sit within pill-shaped buttons, and rectangles have had all of their corners shaved down.


Also, Material You brings the dynamic theming that we all love so much. The Dynamic Color feature matches the accent colors of the UI with the colors present in your wallpaper. One unfortunate attribute of Material You is the increase in wasted space. Google increased the size of its buttons and the spaces in between them.

As for the Google app, Google is bringing some of the Material You design traits over. Looking at the screenshots, we see the pill-shaped buttons on the bottom bar. This is a change of pace from the flatter buttons that we have currently.

Google app material You


The settings in the Google app are getting a redo as well. There will be more space between the items in the settings. Looking at it, it’s reminiscent of the system settings app for Pixel phones and other stock Android devices. There is a search bar up top with all of the settings sitting on a large borderless page.

This will help create a more consistent experience, as most Google apps have received the Material You paint job. We’re not quite sure when this change will hit the public, but we will keep you updated on when that happens.