First OnePlus tablet may finally launch next year

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It seems like OnePlus will finally announce its tablet next year. This information comes from Max Jambor, a well-known tipster. He is usually spot on when it comes to such info, especially when OnePlus is concerned.

The very first OnePlus tablet may finally launch next year

The OnePlus tablet has been in the rumor mill for years at this point. Most of those rumors ended up being false, but this time around, we may actually get what is promised.

Not much is known at this point, we don’t even know what name is OnePlus planning to use. This device may be called the OnePlus Pad, which was rumored before, but there’s no proof of that yet. The tipster did use the OnePlus Pad hashtag, though.


We’re likely looking at a larger tablet here, as phones are quite large these days. We’re presuming that OnePlus will go with at least a 10-inch display, if not larger than that.

Its specs are still a mystery

In terms of specs, it’s anyone’s guess. OnePlus may opt to go for a high-end tablet, or make something that is accessible for many people, something with a lower price tag. Chances are we’ll get a higher-end product, though.

In terms of its launch timeframe, well, that’s anyone’s guess. We doubt this tablet will arrive at the same time as the OnePlus 11. That seems a bit too early, as the OnePlus 11 is expected in January.


OnePlus may release this tablet during a separate press event, or with the T series smartphone next year. If the latter is the case, we’re in for quite a wait, as the OnePlus 11T probably won’t arrive until Q3, at the earliest.

An earlier rumor suggested that the device will feature a 12.4-inch OLED display, the Snapdragon 865 SoC, and 6GB of RAM. The thing is, that rumor also said the device will arrive in H1 this year, and that didn’t happen. So we don’t really know what to expect at this point.