EPOS drops big gaming audio deals for Black Friday

EPOS Black Friday

EPOS is holding a big Black Friday sale where it’s discounting the best of its gaming headsets to help you amplify your gaming audio setup. All of these deals go live Monday, November 21, save for the Best Buy deals which are live now. EPOS has put out some of our favorite gaming headsets over the last couple of years and they’ve only gotten better. Not only are the company’s headsets comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but they deliver high-quality audio for gaming.

And some of the headsets offer a huge amount of features. That being said, some of the headsets can be a bit expensive. That’s why these Black Friday deal prices are so good and worth taking a look at. First up, there’s the H3Pro Hybrid. EPOS’s top-tier wireless gaming headset that features dual-connectivity via a 2.4GHz low-latency dongle and Bluetooth. It also has a magnetically detachable flip-to-mute mic, as well as decent battery life, active noise cancellation and more. Normally this retails for $27 but it’s dropping down to $199 for Black Friday.

Next up is the GTW 270 Hybrid. A pair of wireless gaming earbuds that we found to be excellent for mobile devices. Plus they even work with the PS5. What’s more is that the earbuds now support voice chat when using the low-latency dongle for connectivity, instead of just when connecting through Bluetooth like when they launched. These are dropping down in price to $129.


If you don’t like wireless gaming headsets, then a great option is EPOS’s H6Pro audio bundle. This headset comes in open back and closed back variations and it’s bundled with GSX 300 external sound card for even better performance audio and extra features. Normally $199, this will be dropping down to $179. You can also find the H3 Hybrid being discounted to $119 from $179. There are two more headsets going on sale as well. The GTW 270 will be $99, and the B20 will be $119. These are normally $119 and $149 respectively.

EPOS Gaming Headsets