NOCO jump starters get Cyber Monday price cuts by up to 50%

NOCO Cyber Monday

If you’ve ever had your car not start because your battery was dead, you know how important a jump starter can be, and NOCO is discounting a TON of them for Cyber Monday. With many different models on sale, there’s a lot of variety in what you can pick up at lower prices. This of course means there’s a lot of variety on features as well.

Some NOCO jump starters are being discounted by as much as 50%. The NOCO Genius GEN5X1 for example is now only just $49.95 when its regular price is $99.95. Other models like the Genius Pro 25, regularly cost over $500 but today it’s down to $354.25. The benefits of a device like this mean you don’t have to have someone help you jump start your car.

Meaning you don’t need to have someone connect their battery to yours and get it going with jumper cables. The Genius Pro 25 does it all for you. And best of all is that it can juice up your battery quickly so you aren’t having to wait too long. These jump starters can feel like life savers so you aren’t stranded wherever your car was parked. Or if your car battery suddenly dies while driving and you have to pull over.


It also has a really nice built-in safety feature where it won’t turn on until the cables are connected to your car battery. Additionally, NOCO says they can do more than just jump start. They can charge dead batteries by detecting battery levels as low as 1 volt. They can also repair 6-volt, 12-volt, and 24-volt batteries that may need to be restored thanks to 6 different repair modes. Although this feature may not necessarily be available on every single model.

You can find all the Cyber Monday deals on NOCO jump starters by clicking here.

NOCO Jump Starters