Get this FlexiSpot electric desk for $125 off for Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get a shiny new desk for your office. Today, you can get the FlexiSpot EG1 Essential standing desk for $125 off. This brings the price down to $174.99 from $299.99.

If you feel like sitting at your job is a pain and you want to stand, then getting a standing desk would be perfect. These desks will actually sit much higher than regular desks, and you can adjust them. They allow you to stand while doing your work rather than sitting in a chair.

FlexiSpot makes high-quality desks, and theEG1 Essentials desk starts you off with the basics. As the name suggests, it’s the standard desk to introduce you to the world of premium standing desks.


It has a surface of 48in x 24in, (4ft x 2ft), and it’s made from solid mahogany. The frame itself is made from a sturdy steel alloy which means that this desk is sturdily built. It can go through about 20,000 cycles. This means you can raise and lower it five times a day over the next 11 years.

Being a standing desk, you can adjust the height to your liking. For starters, it can lower to the height of a regular sitting desk. However, if you want to stand, then you can easily adjust it to match your preferred height.

There are electric motors that lift and lower the desk from 28.6in to 48.2in. This means that you don’t have to manually adjust it. It can raise and lower at a speed of 1in per second with loads under 50 lb.


This is no doubt one of the best desks you can get at this price, as FlexiSpot is an industry leader in premium desks. You’ll want to act on this deal quickly, as you can only get it for Cyber Monday.

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