Cyber Monday deals on PC components you need to see

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It’s Cyber Monday which means there are still deals to be had and there are some great deals on PC components that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. At the very least you’ll want to check them out if you’re considering building a desktop PC or if your current PC needs an upgrade.

You’ll find discounts on components from a wide range of different brands. Including ASUS, Intel Thermaltake, Crucial and more. As for the actual components, ASUS is offering discounts on GPUs, NVMe SSD enclosures, and motherboards. Meanwhile the 2TB MX500 NAND SATA SSD from Crucial is available for $131.99 which is 34% off.


Another really good deal on PC components for Cyber Monday is the Intel Core i9-12900KS CPU. The regular price on it is listed at $895. Which is quite expensive for a CPU. And although still expensive, it’s being discounted by 41%. That’s $370 off, bringing the price down to $525.

You can also find some discounts on Crucial and Kingston Fury Beast sticks of RAM, as well as Crucial M.2 NVMe SSDs and more. There’s even a few cases in there for good measure. In fact, there’s some discounts on fans, power supplies, and video capture cards as well. So you more or less have everything you’d need to build a gaming PC. Whether or not all of the components on sale are compatible with each other is another story.

That being said, if you just to upgrade a few things, you might find what you need here and get it for much cheaper than normal. And that’s definitely a good thing. Since these are Cyber Monday deals, they’re only good for today.

You can find all the Cyber Monday deals on PC components by clicking here.

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