Black Friday: Samsung's Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor is $500 off

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 Black Friday

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor is one of Samsung’s latest on the market with some cool new features and tech, and it’s currently on sale for Black Friday for $500 less than the regular price. When Samsung announced this monitor earlier this year, it immediately grabbed attention because of its 165Hz refresh rate and 4K UHD resolution screen.

It’s a 32-inch monitor and it’s using Quantum Matrix technology and a 1000R curve. It also features support for G-Sync, FreeSync Premium, a 1ms response time, and it can tilt, swivel, and raise up and down. There’s a lot going on here that make this a great choice for a gaming monitor but seeing as it’s new, the price was prohibitively expensive for many consumers. At least when you can find other decent 32-inch monitors for much less.

Now the price is being decreased from $1,299.99 down to $799.99. It’s still kind of a lot but a $500 discount is nothing to scoff at. And it’s definitely worth considering for this particular monitor. Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G8 monitor is also on sale with a $500 discount. A lot of the same features are present here. The 1000R curve, the support for both FreeSync Premium and G-Sync, the Quantum Matrix technology, and the 4K UHD resolution.


What sets it apart is that instead of a 165Hz refresh rate, it comes with a 240Hz refresh rate. So you get even more frames per second in your games. This is important if you play a lot of competitive games. Or if you just want your games to look as smooth as possible. It also has a matte display. Normally this retails for $1,499.99, but it’s currently on sale for Black Friday for $999.99. You can find the Black Friday deal on the Odyssey Neo G7 and Odyssey Neo G8 by clicking here.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7/G8 Deal