AH Awards: Best Camera Smartphone – Google Pixel 7 Pro

best camera smartphone 2022 AH

Google continues to show off in the camera department with the Pixel 7 Pro

Google is typically the last to debut new smartphones in the calendar year, typically coming out in early October. And it almost always wins our Best Camera Smartphone award. That’s fairly impressive, considering the shear amount of competition.

This year, Google debuted a few new upgrades to the camera on the Pixel 7 Pro, including a much requested feature, Macro. Google also made big strides with zoom capability on the Pixel 7 Pro. This, among a few other nice upgrades to the Pixel 7 Pro is why it has earned our award for the Best Camera Smartphone this year.

The best valued flagship phone on the market

Aside from all of the camera upgrades, Google also kept the price of the Pixel 7 Pro below the other flagships on the market. While others are priced at $999 or above, Google is undercutting them at $899. Making this even more appealing. On top of the incredible camera experience.


Google has also added some cool features to the dialer this year as well. Focusing on the phone part of the phone. Like Direct My Call. This will show you the options when you call some toll free numbers, like The Home Depot, Lowes, or Comcast, to name a few. So you don’t need to wait for the automated system to list off everything. Google has also included Clear Calling. This basically blocks out all of your background noise if you’re in a noisy environment like a bar, so the person on the other end can hear you.

On the Pixel 7 Pro, Google also improved a few areas that lacked quite a bit on the predecessor. That’s with the modem and the battery life. Signal strength is greatly improved here, likely thanks to the modem and redesigned antennas. Battery life was also improved here, it’s not the best, but it’ll get you through the day.

This is why the Google Pixel 7 Pro is the recipient of AndroidHeadlines‘ Best Camera Smartphone Award for 2022.