AH Awards: Best Battery Life Smartphone of 2022: OnePlus 10T

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The OnePlus 10T shocked us with outstanding battery life.

The OnePlus 10T is the company’s second high-end smartphone of the year. The first one, the OnePlus 10 Pro, launched in January. The OnePlus 10T, on the other hand, arrived in August. The OnePlus 10T has two main advantages over the OnePlus 10 Pro, and they are the battery life, and processor. The phone’s battery life managed to shock us when we reviewed it, as it really pushed the line. That’s why we’ve decided to make it our choice for the best battery life smartphone of 2022.

To put things into perspective, the OnePlus 10T has a 4,800mAh battery, which is slightly smaller than the 5,000mAh battery inside the OnePlus 10 Pro. We expected good battery life, but managed to get truly amazing results instead. This handset managed to cross over the 10-hour screen-on-time mark a number of times for us. Needless to say, that’s way above average, and way better than basically every other competing device at the moment.

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The OnePlus 10T excels in the battery life department

How come the OnePlus 10T excels in that regard? Well, there are several factors to it. OnePlus’ optimization is one thing, and the other is the SoC that fuels the phone. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 offers a lot better power consumption than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. That chip turned out to be a great solution for companies, as not only does it have great power consumption, but it offers great performance as well. That’s the best possible combination you can get, of course. That processor managed to boost battery life on a number of phones in the market, but the OnePlus 10T stands out, very much so.

In fact, the OnePlus 10T doesn’t only excel in terms of battery life, but the entire battery category, including charging. This smartphone supports 150W fast wired charging (limited to 125W charging in the US). It beats all other mainstream smartphones in that regard, and will make you forget about wireless charging altogether. You won’t need to charge this smartphone in the middle of your day, probably ever, but if you ever need to do so, it can be fully charged in no time. On top of that, the charger is included in the package.

This is a great choice for power users

If you’re a power user, and don’t want to pay obscene amounts of money for a smartphone, the OnePlus 10T is a great choice. This phone offers excellent performance, and combines it with outstanding battery life. It may not excel in every way, no phone does, but in those two areas, the OnePlus 10T is hard to beat. This phone will likely stay very fluid for years to come, and even if its battery deteriorates a bit in a couple of years, the battery life will still be excellent based on what we’ve seen.