Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 is live for compatible Pixel devices

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Google has started rolling out Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 for compatible Pixel devices. QPR, as most of you know, stands for Quarterly Platform Release, and this is a beta build, of course. The stable build is expected to arrive on December 5.

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 is now rolling out to Pixel phones

That quarterly release is also known as a ‘Feature Drop’. We’re still a month away from that, however, so let’s check out what this new beta build has to offer. Google listed quite a few fixes in the changelog.

In this update, Google fixed an issue where apps would crash when they were using a MediaSession to handle input from hardware media playback buttons. Some issues with GPU drivers have also been fixed. Those issues used to cause the system UI to freeze.


In some cases, Pixel phones displayed an incorrect ‘Missed call’ notification, and that’s something that got handled as well. Issues with Google Camera app crashes have also been fixed.

Google Assistant didn’t react to a hotword in some instances, but that should no longer be the problem. Google also listed fixes for motion-based gestures such as “Lift to check phone” and “Flip to Shhh”, they should work as expected now.

If you’ve experienced artifacts to display when recording or viewing a video, there’s a fix included for that as well. Google Camera app should launch faster now as well.


The Pixel 6a issues with the CarrierSettings have also been fixed, and the same goes for the “Go to browser” option in the notification shade. That was an issue while using an instant app.

This update is available for quite a few Pixel phones

This update weighs 19.56GB for the Pixel 6 Pro, while it’s also available for the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and the Pixel 7 Pro. It does come with a November 2022 security patch.

If you’re already enrolled in the beta program, you can check whether the update is available via Settings -> System -> System update.