YouTube Adds Pinch-To-Zoom To Its Apps

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YouTube is continuously adding more features to the platform to make it better. This next new feature was actually in testing for a while, and it’s now making its way to all users, according to Engadget. YouTube now lets you pinch-to-zoom in on videos.

You’ve probably used this feature before if you signed up for the experiment that happened a while back. If you don’t know about this, then you probably should.

YouTube has a program where premium users can test out experimental new features before they hit the public. If this is something that interests you, you should visit this link. You’ll see a list of available experiments that you can try out for a limited time. Just know that you can only try out one feature at a time.


YouTube finally brings pinch to zoom to the public

Until now, you couldn’t really zoom in on the video. If there’s one small detail you wanted to get a closer look at, the most you could do was expand the video to fill the screen.

However, YouTube premium users were able to test out the pinch-to-zoom feature. As the name implies, you can zoom into a video to spot minute details.

You can also do this while the video it’s still playing. The pinch-the-zoom feature lets you zoom in up to 8x on a YouTube video. While zoomed in, you can move the video just by swiping with one finger.


The only issue with this feature is that, if you’re trying to simply expand the video to full screen, you can wind up zooming in to the video unintentionally. So, if you just want to expand the screen, you’ll have to take extra care.

If you are interested in this feature, make sure that your app is fully updated. Search for YouTube on your respective app store and see if there are any updates available. If your app is fully updated, and you don’t have to feature, then you’ll just want to wait a few days for it to reach your device.