YouTube Brings Back The Navigation Panel

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Being able to navigate an app is one of the most important parts of the experience. This is why YouTube is changing up the way you navigate the app. The YouTube iOS and Android app is bringing back the navigation panel.

You can pretty much find anything you need to on the YouTube app right now via the buttons on the bottom. You can check out your home feed, shorts, your subscriptions, and your library. Also, you can add your own YouTube short with the center button.

But, YouTube is bringing back the navigation panel

According to 9To5Google, YouTube just issued an update to its app that brings back its classic means of navigation. We’re all used to the Explorer button that was in past versions of the YouTube app. It lets you see all types of content organized into categories.


Now, after the update, there’s a new way to explore different types of content. On the top left of the screen, you will see a compass icon. This is right next to the chips up top. When you tap it, you will see a navigation panel slide in from the left of the screen. Using the panel, you will be able to see the content that you would see using the Explorer button.

This includes trending, shopping, music, movies & shows, live streams, gaming, news, sports, learning, fashion & beauty, and podcasts. You can also access this feature by swiping your finger from the left of the screen.

This should make things more convenient for people who are on YouTube constantly. With one tap, you have access to a hub for different categories of content.


If you want to see this new panel, you will want to make sure that your app is fully updated. Search up the YouTube app on your respective app store, and see if there are any updates available. We were able to see the panel, and we are on version 17.41.36.