Verizon Announces 10-Year Price Lock For Its Home Internet

verizon 5g home internet 30 cities

Verizon is taking on T-Mobile with a price lock campaign of its own. It has announced a ten-year price guarantee across its Home Internet products. You will pay the same monthly fee for its broadband service in 2032 as you pay today. The offer is applicable across all 5G Home, Fios, and LTE Home Internet products but is available only for new customers.

This is a limited-time offer, though. While Verizon didn’t specify any dates, the company made it clear that the offer won’t stay forever. T-Mobile’s price lock, meanwhile, is always available and is a lifetime offer. Your monthly rental will remain the same as long as you are a customer, not just for the next ten years. And this is for both mobile and broadband services.

Moreover, Verizon only covers the “monthly base price” of your home internet service, which starts at just $25 per month. Other fees such as the newly-introduced Economic Adjustment Charge and taxes may change (read: increase). But it’s still nice to know that your internet expenses won’t suddenly go up for at least ten years. Verizon also promises that you will not see any data caps or equipment charges under locked prices.


To attract customers, Verizon is offering a 30-day trial of its Home Internet products. You can try out the service before committing to it. And if you find it better than your previous carrier and want to switch, Verizon will cover your early termination fees of up to $500. For business customers, the carrier is offering bill credit of up to $1,500 to help cover early termination fees. New business customers also get the ten-year price guarantee along with professional installation and other services.

Verizon expands its Home Internet to more regions

Along with launching the new limited-time price lock campaign, Verizon has also announced an expansion of its Home Internet service. Its wireless home and business internet services are now available in New York City and Jersey City and Hoboken in New Jersey.

Additionally, Verizon has launched a new Verizon Receiver. It is the first FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) device in the world to support all Verizon networks. You can seamlessly switch 5G Ultra Wideband mmWave, C-Band, and 4G LTE networks for optimized coverage and speeds. The new device is said to be 60 percent smaller and lighter than the previous models. It also brings a 100 percent increase in upload speeds, enabling higher throughputs and lower latency.