This Fake Amazon Text Aim To Steal Your Personal Data

01 Amazon Logo box DG AH 2021

A fake message from Amazon has started to circulate among users. The message claims to be sent from Amazon and wants users to give up their personal information. Amazon currently has 300 million active global accounts, and this fake message has targeted a part of them.

In this Amazon fake message, scammers say, “We have detected a problem with your account information. Please verify your information correctly.” Just like any other scam message, the scammers have put a link into the message that directs users to a fake page and asks them to enter their personal information. Scammers can hijack the victim’s Amazon account and change the submitted address with that information. Then, they start ordering expensive items charged to victim’s credit card. Most victims release this trick so late; when they realize it, scammers sooner turned those items into cash.

Amazon says its legitimate text messages include a link to the Amazon.com domain and never include links to an IP address. Additionally, you should always be suspicious of text messages or emails that ask for your personal information. Big and legitimate companies usually don’t ask for personal data over text or email.


Scammers can hijack your Amazon account with this fake message

The way scammers work is usually simple, and it has a repeating pattern. They always scare users of locking their accounts and then direct them toward a fake page to exploit their personal data. Additionally, these types of fake messages usually have grammatical and spelling errors. In this case, the message says, “This is simple step to recover your account.”

But the bigger danger of such fake messages is that scammers may use the stolen data to sneak into your banking account and steal everything you’ve saved. If you’ve received such fake messages from Amazon, never try to respond to them, and never click on the link within the text. Then, contact Amazon to ask about the legitimacy of the text.