Samsung Expands Tizen OS To Offer NFT Support

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Samsung is expanding Tizen OS to offer support for NFTs (non-fungible token). The company has teamed up with multiple NFT platforms, including Art Token, laCollection, and Nifty Gateway, which it announced during the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022 today in San Francisco. For B2B (business-to-business) customers and developers, the Korean firm is also providing B2B APIs for Tizen OS. These APIs are specific to industries and use cases, like Syncplay.

Additionally, Samsung has launched a new content conversion solution for Tizen OS. Called SALT, it enables you to convert and display content in the highest-quality HDR10+ on supported TVs. All Samsung smart TVs are powered by the Tizen platform. The company also recently launched a licensing program for the OS, allowing third-party brands to make Tizen-powered TVs.

Launching in 2012, Samsung tried Tizen OS on multiple device types over the years. It launched four Tizen-powered smartphones and shelved the project. The company also last year stopped making Tizen-powered smartwatches, switching to Google’s Wear OS. But, on TV, Tizen has grown to offer one of the best experiences. Samsung continues to improve the platform with new features such as Samsung Gaming Hub, which elevates your gaming experience on Samsung TVs.


Samsung TV Plus is another great feature of Tizen-powered Samsung TVs. It is a free, ad-supported streaming service that is also available on some Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung TV Plus adds more free content

Samsung today also announced that it is adding more content to Samsung TV Plus. The company has signed partnerships with media houses Lionsgate and Vice Media to deliver more on-demand free 8K video content to you. It originally announced this expansion in August this year and followed up with more details at SDC 2022.

According to Samsung, the new partnerships are part of its effort to double the VOD (video on demand) library in Samsung TV Plus. Launched in 2015, the service is available on all the latest Smart TVs and high-end Galaxy smartphones for free. It lets you stream over 1,600 channels on hundreds of millions of devices across 24 countries. It reached 100 percent growth in viewership over the past 12 months, with the company projecting three billion hours streamed by the end of this year.


Samsung TV Plus recently went through a redesign as the company doubles down on its subscription-free VOD service for Galaxy users. It is simultaneously expanding the library so users always have something to watch no matter what their interests may be.