Your Pixel Watch Will Get Updates For Three Years, Guaranteed

Google Pixel Watch AM AH 05

Much like its Pixel phones, Google is committing to supporting software updates on the Pixel Watch for a set period of time. In this case, three years. More specifically, three years from the point the device went up for sale in the US. Which is today if you count the pre-orders. As reported by Droid Life, a support page for the Pixel Watch explains when users can expect to get software updates for the device. And the documentation also notes that guaranteed software updates for the Pixel Watch will last until at least October of 2025.

What Google doesn’t say, obviously, is how many software updates it’s going to be cramming in between now and then. It’s likely that there will be at least one more major OS update for the watch within three years. And potentially more. Considering the Pixel Watch is supposed to be a big turning point for Wear OS. But unfortunately even if Google is thinking that far ahead, it’s not letting on.

Here’s what you can expect from updates to the Pixel Watch

Updates to the operating system and the security enhancements are the two big ones. But Google also lays out a very short list of other things you can expect to be a part of the software support. This includes bug fixes, new features, “and more.” So, basically all the typical things you would probably guess that software support would include.


With three years being the potential cutoff point, there’s a couple of things you can maybe unpack. Google might expect to have a second Pixel Watch available by then. It may also only release the one and let partners continue to make watches based on the Pixel Watch as a reference point.

Google also appears to feel that five years of security enhancements isn’t needed like its Pixel smartphones. Sticking to three like with the OS updates. In the end, the important thing is that this watch will stay updated for the next few years. Then you can start thinking about upgrading. Assuming you don’t get bored with it and want something else before then.