A Netflix Cloud Gaming Service Could Be A Reality

Netflix Mobile Games 1

A Netflix cloud gaming service might just be a thing soon. As reported by Protocol, Mike Verdu, who is the VP of game development at Netflix, says the company is “very seriously exploring” a cloud gaming service and is looking at options. This new initiative would be in addition to Netflix’s already available mobile games. Which users can access through the app as part of a subscription.

A cloud gaming offering would also be in effort to offer games outside of the mobile space. Though the company doesn’t plan to rush into anything. Verdu states that the company, should it proceed with this path, would be looking to “start small, be humble, and be thoughtful.” Which he notes is exactly what the company has done with mobile gaming so far.

When Netflix launched its first set of mobile games nearly a year ago, it did so with a small library of titles. It has since expanded, (slowly) to now offer 35 titles. Compare that to the amount of games services like GeForce NOW (or even Stadia for a time) were adding within the span of a year. Both were making new titles available to stream through the cloud on a monthly basis. Whereas Netflix has yet to break 50. This just goes to show that Netflix does indeed intend to start small and go about this slowly.


A Netflix cloud gaming service would be about reaching users on other devices

The goal, it seems, is for Netflix to reach those who enjoy games but use Netflix on other devices. Netflix is available via app on a wide range of device types. Including consoles, PCs, streaming boxes, and baked right into TVs.

Offering games you could stream through the cloud would give Netflix the opportunity to reach those users. And Verdu says this is the plan. To reach users who like games but use Netflix on devices other than mobile. Verdu also says that games wouldn’t require input from TV remotes. So that could mean that when playing games users would either connect a compatible Bluetooth controller, or Netflix plans to make its own.