LIPOWER Halloween Special – Up To $500 Off

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Halloween’s spooky vibe is slowly approaching the community. Starting on October 17, LIPOWER is offering a Halloween Sale to honor the spooky season for the remainder month. During the promotion, you can save up to $500 on a selection of portable power stations! Including the Mars 2000 and the Mars 1000 Pro.

MARS-2000 – tech specs and Halloween deals

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The MARS-2000 features electric vehicle-grade LiFePO4 battery packs that last for an astonishing 3500 cycles. This gives the battery about seven times the lifespan of those found in most other power stations. The MARS-2000 also features an intelligent cooling system, ensuring the power station is never in danger of overheating.


Additionally, the MARS-2000 has Exceptional output by offering a 2000-watt output and 1460Wh capacity, which can power 99 percent of your appliances. And it comes with a PD 60W, while also supporting Bi-directional charging, so you can use the PD port to charge your phones, laptop, etc. On top of all this you can use it to recharge the power station together with an AC outlet.

For this Halloween, LIPOWER is offering up to $500 OFF for their LIPOWER bundles. You can see the best deals here.

MARS-1000 PRO – tech specs and Halloween deals

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If you’re looking for a smaller backup power source, the MARS-1000 PRO is a great choice. It’s a perfect option for emergency power and like the LIPOWER MARS-2000, it uses high-quality LiFePO4 batteries rated for 3,500+ cycles. The MARS-1000 PRO has a 1200W output and a 1120Wh capacity, and has 10 outputs to choose from across AC and DC types, covering a wide range of needs.

The MARS-1000 PRO solar battery supports AC + USB-C PD 60W Bi-directional charging and takes only 4–5 hours to be fully charged. With 2 APOLLE 100 solar panels, the MARS-1000 PRO will take 5.5 hours to fully charge through direct sunlight. Whether you use it to juice up your devices while in the great outdoors, or to keep things running at home during a power outage, the LIPOWER MARS-1000 PRO is a tiny yet capable appliance.

You can pick up the MARS-1000 PRO now at $300 off, for just $799. As a special treat for Halloween, buy a MARS-1000 PRO or related combo and get a free $59 carrying case bag. Get yours here.


It’s recommended to buy a LIPOWER Portable power station together with its APOLLE100 so that you can enjoy endless solar energy. Especially in the context of the frequent occurrence of energy crises and extreme weather, improving the utilization rate of clean energy is crucial for everyone.

Bundle Deals

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MARS-2000 + 2*APOLLE100 Off-Grid Solar Generator (sales at an MSRP of $1999. During the Halloween sale, LIPOWER has dropped $500 off, now sales only $1499)


MARS-1000 PRO + 2*APOLLE100 Home Backup Bundle (sales at an MSRP of $1499. However, for its spooky holiday deals, LIPOWER has dropped $300 off, now only $1199)

MARS-1000 + 2*APOLLE100 Portable Combo( $200 off, only need $1199)

Other Halloween deals

In addition to the above offers, other products in the LIPOWER store can enjoy a 15% discount. This is a great opportunity to buy your reliable generator at discounted prices. Whether you’re ready to power your outdoor decorations or deal with abrupt power interruptions. With LIPOWER portable power stations, you can be assured that your celebration will not be hampered by any power problems.