Some Google Home Users Are Seeing Device Triggers

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We’ve been anticipating a new feature coming to the Google Home app. Named device triggers, this feature will add a new level of automation for Google Home users. While the feature isn’t available just yet, a few users are starting to see it.

According to 9To5Google, a handful of people are starting to see this feature popping up on their devices. These occurrences are rare, but they are significant. One user even posted a video to Twitter showing it off.

What are device triggers, and how do they make Google Home better?

If you use Google Home devices, then you know what triggers are. If not, they live under the Assistant routines. When something happens- let’s say it reaches a certain time- the Assistant will be triggered to do something. You can assign the Assistant to turn on a light at a certain time or announce something, for example.


There are different types of triggers currently, you can set the Assistant to do something when you speak a phrase, when it reaches a certain time, or when it’s dawn or dusk.

The next trigger to arrive is the device trigger. This will cause the Assistant to do something when a device does something.

For example, if you have a coffee maker in your list of devices, and it turns on, you can set that as a trigger. So, when the coffee maker turns on, you can assign the Assistant to turn on the light, announce that it’s on, or any other task. This is an incredibly useful feature if you want to have more control over what the Assistant does.


We’re not quite sure when this feature will officially launch. The user who showed it off apparently uses the beta version of the Google Home app. So, maybe Google is testing this on a limited number of beta testers. If that’s the case, then it may be a little while before we see this feature hit primetime.