Start Your Smart Home With These Discounted Philips Hue Smart Ligths

Philips Hue smart light set

Developing your smart home is a lot cheaper and easier nowadays than before, but that doesn’t mean discounted items are unwelcome. The Philips Hue Smart Light set is now discounted for Amazon’s Prime Early Access event. The price is down to just $143.99.

This is the perfect starter kit if you want to get your smart home off the ground. For the price, you get three separate bulbs, a smart button with mounting a plate, and a Philips Hue Hub.

The bulbs are smart bulbs, so they can be controlled through the Hub or through the smart button, they can produce white or colored lights to set the perfect mood. These are 60 w medium brightness bulbs.


You can control these bulbs with the Philips Hue Smart Button. Using the Smart button, you can turn on and off the lights. Also, if you need to dim or brighten the lights, you can do so by holding the button down. The lights will gradually dim and then brighten. You can let go when it has reached the desired brightness.

Your smart button can be used as its own portable device, but it can also be mounted on the wall. This device comes with a wall mount so you can use it as a regular light switch.

Last, but not least, we have the Philips Hue Hub. This is the central device that controls your Philips Hue devices. The Smart Button will communicate with the Hub and send the command out to all of the Philips Hue lights. The Hub can control up to 50 lights without slowing down your Wi-Fi.


You can find these, and other Philips devices by checking out the link posted below. All of the devices you will find are at deep and compelling discounts for the Amazon Prime Early Access event.