Get Ready To See More Ads On Instagram

Instagram Logo Black

About 80% of the content we see on the internet is ads. It’s the electronic gold that keeps several businesses and influencers afloat, and we’re seeing more of them as time passes. Case and point, Meta just announced that you’re going to start seeing more ads on its photo-sharing app. Instagram will start displaying ads on the Explore feed and the profile page.

Social media platforms are notorious for fitting ads in between the cracks of people’s feeds. Instagram is no different. You’ll see ads in your main home feed peppered among the posts. It’s a pretty inoffensive way of displaying ads on the platform.

But, it seems that that’s not enough

Meta is not going through a good time right now, and that’s understandable; no tech company is. During Q2 2022, the company saw its first drop in revenue ever. Thus, it seems that the company has some decisions to make. It recently announced some changes that the company’s making regarding creators, and that involves more monetization opportunities- translation: more ads.


In one part of the announcement, Meta reveals that Instagram is going to start showing ads on the Explore feed. This is the feed you get when you tap on the search icon at the bottom. It’s a tight-knit stacked feed of pictures and videos that you might enjoy. The company will also show ads on the profile page.

At this point, we don’t know when Instagram is going to start showing ads on your Explore feed and profile. The company is testing this on a select number of US-based users. This means that it’ll be some time before you start seeing the ads.

In the meantime, the company is working on some other changes like getting rid of the shopping feature. Also, the platform might also bring a repost feature. This could be just like the retweet feature on Twitter.