The 65-Inch LG OLED C1 Series TV Is 40% Off For Amazon Prime Early Access

LG OLED series c 65

If you’re looking for a new LG TV, then why not get one on sale? Right now, the LG OLED C1 series 65-inch 4K TV is 40% off for the Amazon Prime Early Access event. This knocks the price down to $1,496.99.

LG is one of the top TV makers in the world, so you can expect amazing visuals with this TV. Along with 4K resolution, the display refreshes at 120Hz. You can expect a lot of bells and whistles with this TV to up your home cinema experience.

Adding to the experience, this TV is also HDR10 compatible and Dolby vision compatible. Long story short, what you watch will look really good. This is especially true because this TV can produce over 1 billion colors, and the OLED technology means you will get exceptional contrast.


If you’re a gamer, then this is also the perfect TV for you. The LG OLED C1 series TV has a game optimizer. This gives you easier access to all of your game settings. Along with that, you also have low-latency input which means that there will be no delay between when you press the button and when you see it on the TV.

You will have LG’s TV software installed, but you can also use Amazon’s Alexa. Using Amazon’s powerful voice assistant, you can search for movies to watch or shows to binge with your voice. You can also control your smart home devices, with the assistant.

If this price tag is a little too much for your blood, there is also the LG OLED A1 series 48-inch smart TV. This one is only $646.99, and you’ll get some of the same bells and whistles as the more expensive model. You will still have 4K resolution, game mode, and the ability to use Amazon Alexa.