A YouTube Music Bug Keeps Your Screen From Turning Off

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YouTube Music is one of the most popular streaming services on the market, but even it can fall victim to software bugs. There’s a new bug in YouTube Music that keeps your screen from shutting off regardless of your timeout settings.

This bug was around for a bit. It was discovered in version 5.23.50 of the applications (via 9To5Google). On Thursday, YouTube sent out an update to the app, version 5.24.50, but it still retained the bug. This could mean that YouTube is still unaware of the bug.

This YouTube Music bug keeps your screen on

As you can imagine, this could be a pretty annoying bug. Regardless of whether you have your screen set to turn off or not, YouTube Music will keep it on. While testing, the folks at 9To5Google saw one phone’s screen stay on for 15 minutes.


Not too many phones seem to be affected. The bug appears to be affecting Pixel phones running Android 13 and Galaxy phones running Android 12L. Also, it’s only hitting people who are YouTube premium users.

This might not seem like a big deal to most people. Obviously, you could just turn your screen off by yourself, but there are those times when you just have to leave your phone. It’s just not great seeing your phone screen still on after half an hour of sitting unattended.

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We’re all used to seeing ads on YouTube, and they’ve been pretty manageable over the years. However, YouTube seems to be shoving more ads in our faces. We’re seeing reports of people getting up to 10 ads during a break. To top it all off, those ads are unskippable. It seems like those ad breaks can take close to a minute to pass, and that’s a bit too much.


Also, for longer videos, some people are complaining about seeing ad breaks every couple of minutes. YouTube hasn’t responded to these claims just yet.