WhatsApp Might Let You Edit Your Sent Messages

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Everyone knows how it feels to send a text message to someone with a typo or one of the dreaded autocorrect edits. Because of this, it’d be useful to edit messages after they’ve already been sent. If you’re a Whatsapp user, then that might become a reality. A new leak shows that WhatsApp could let you edit your sent messages.

Now, being able to edit sent messages is a pretty big undertaking. You’re taking something that’s already downloaded onto someone else’s phone and changing it. Because of this, not many platforms are able to do this; in fact, only one can, really. iMessage can do this in iOS 16. Facebook Messenger has the ability to delete sent messages on the other person’s phone, but that’s about it.

WhatsApp might let you edit sent messages

Now, it looks like it’s WhatsApp’s turn. The platform has a flourishing beta program, and we’re hearing about new features just about every week. This leak comes from WABInfo, and it shows us some screenshots referencing this potential feature.


In the screenshot, we don’t see an edited message. Instead, we see a message saying “You sent an edited message. You can see it if you’re on the latest version of the app”. So, it’s a little confusing at the moment. The user who took this screenshot was able to edit a message, but they can’t view it.

Whatsapp message edit



Regardless, it lets us know that WhatsApp is, at least, testing the feature out. We got the news about this feature a while back, so it’s nice to see that the company is still working on it.

Now, we can expect the recipient to be able to see that the message was edited, but we don’t know how that would look. Also, previous reports point to there being a time limit for editing your messages. If this sounds familiar, then you know about what Twitter is going to do with its edit tweet button.

Since this feature is still under development, you shouldn’t expect it to reach the public anytime soon. The beta program for Android is full at the moment, so you’ll just have to wait to try the feature.