WhatsApp Will Bring Alerts For Calls You Missed Because Of DND Mode

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Do Not Disturb (DND) is great if you don’t want to receive notifications, but it’s so easy to accidentally leave the feature on. It can be frustrating disabling the feature after a couple of hours and seeing a scrolling feed of missed important notifications. This is why WhatsApp is going to ring missed call alerts for calls you get while DND mode is on.

This feature is in beta testing right now, so you shouldn’t expect to see it just yet. It was first spotted in June for iOS beta users. Now, according to WABInfo, the feature is making its way over to Android beta testers.

WhatsApp will give you missed call alerts for calls you missed through DND mode

The functionality of this feature isn’t all too revolutionary. However, it could be helpful to people who constantly leave their DND mode on. If someone calls you while your DND mode is on, you’ll see it in your conversation with that person.


WhatsApp already has a feature that tells you when you miss a call from a person in the chat. However, with this new feature, it will tell you if you missed it while DND mode was on. You’ll see “Missed voice call at [time] while on Do Not Disturb”. You’ll also get the same message if you miss a video call.

So, this isn’t exactly a major lifestyle change for the app. It does help because, if you’re constantly missing calls because you have DND on, you’ll be able to know and make the proper changes.

There’s no telling when the app will officially make it to the public, so you’ll want to keep an eye on it. It’s been in testing for some time, so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.


WhatsApp is one of the main messaging apps on the market. It’s really popular, and one reason is that it has such a robust beta testing program. We should see more updates come from the app in the meantime.