Twitter Will Limit How Many Times You Can Edit Your Tweets

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The news recently broke that Twitter is testing the edit tweet feature on its Twitter Blue users, and it’s going to hit the public after that. While you may be excited to have this feature, you’ll want to make sure that every edit counts. Twitter will limit how many times you can edit a tweet after you post it. You’ll only be able to edit it five times after you post it.

Let’s catch you up

In case you don’t know, Twitter is finally going to let its users edit their tweets. It’s been a long time coming, and people are excited about the ability. No one likes having to leave a typo in a tweet or an inaccurate detail.

Twitter has been working on this feature since last year, but the company officially announced it this year right after Elon Musk moved to buy the company (the company is still trying to clean up after that mess).


Since then, we’ve gotten more information on how this feature is going to work, and it lets us know that there are some strings attached to this feature. You can only edit your tweet within 30 minutes of posting it.

When you edit a tweet, you’re not really changing the original. Twitter makes a copy of the tweet you posted and lets you make changes to that. This means that the original tweet still exists, and it’s still accessible. After you edit your tweet, everyone will be able to know that it was edited. You’ll see a little Edited button right under the tweet. Tapping on it will bring you to the original tweet.

Right now, Twitter is testing this feature on its Twitter Blue users. This is the premium version of Twitter that grants you more features and lets you try out new ones. The service costs $4.99/month after a recent price hike. If you want to know more about it, read here.


Twitter will limit how many times you can edit your tweets

If you plan on editing your tweets, you’d better be careful because you won’t have unlimited chances. According to TechCrunch, once you post your tweet, you’ll only have five attempts to get it right before that tweet is written in stone.

This might seem like a bummer, but how many times have you messed up a post and had to change it more than five times to get it right? When it comes to basic typos, one time is usually enough, maybe two. Having five attempts to change a tweet seems fair.