Telegram Update Brings New Animations To Android & Themed Icon

Telegram Logo 2

Telegram is one of the most popular communication platforms on the market and is constantly being updated. A new update to the Telegram Android app adds a redesign to the animations and implements the themed icon, according to 9To5Google.

Let’s start off with the animations

You can access one of these changes if you’re a free user, but the rest of the features are for premium. Free Telegram users will have access to some new emoji reactions. Tap and hold on a message, and you’ll see a little panel of different emojis you can use to give a quick reaction to the message.

Now, if you pay the $4.99/month for Telegram premium, then you’ll have some more neat additions. Firstly, premium users will be able to add up to three reactions to a message. This is for those cases when a message fills you with such complex and nuanced emotions that one reaction just won’t cut it.


Next, we have what the company calls “Infinite reactions”. When you’re looking for an emoji to add to your message, you’ll be met with what seems like an endless scrolling feed of emojis to choose from.

Now, there are several scientific laws that point to the feed not being truly endless. However, it could just mean that there are thousands upon thousands of emojis to choose from. You won’t reach the end of the list without scrolling for a substantial amount of time.

Premium users also have the new emoji status feature. You can put an emoji right next to your username to give people an idea of how you’re feeling. It can be temporary if you want, as well.


Rounding out these features, if you’re downloading multiple files at once, you can choose which one downloads first. Last, but not least, there are new username links. This will make sharing your profile easier.

Telegram now has a themed icon

When Google introduced Material You, it updated its Android app icons to reflect the theme applied to the phone. Now, other companies are following suit. Telegram finally unveiled its themed icon. This icon will change its color based on the color scheme applied to your phone.