Steam On ChromeOS Is Entering Beta Testing

Steam and Chromeos logo ah

Google has been working on making ChromeOS a more gaming-friendly platform. One example is the alpha version of Steam that the company started testing a few months ago. Now, the Steam alpha for ChromeOS is entering the beta testing stage.

When Chromebooks first came out, people saw ChromeOS as a bloated Chrome browser; and they weren’t all that wrong. However, the platform has evolved to be a much more powerful platform. A good example is the addition of the Steam game launcher. This is still up in the air, as we’ve only been getting bits of information over the past couple of months.

But, the Steam beta is coming to ChromeOS

When the alpha started, there was a short list of compatible devices that could be involved. Even if you had a compatible device, it was still like pulling teeth to install it. Basically, installing the alpha was not for the faint of heart, and the phone process was to get software on your computer that was possibly unstable.


However, there’s some good news on the horizon. Steam on ChromeOS is getting ready to enter the beta testing stage. This means that testers will be able to use a more stable version of the software. Also, it won’t be such a pain in the neck to install.

According to 9To5Google, there was a new code change posted for the project (codenamed “Borealis”):

borealis: Allow borealis to run on the beta branch


When borealis enters the beta development phase we will allow compatible
chromebooks on the beta channel to install it.

This means that when the Chromebook tries to install the beta version of Steam, it will no longer be blocked. This means that the official beta version of the software shouldn’t be too far away.

We don’t know exactly when the beta version of Steam will drop, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for it. With the beta, we’re getting closer to seeing Steam on Chromebooks.