Sony May Be Working On A PS5 Where You Take The Disc Drive Off

Sony PS5 5

Sony is reportedly working on a new PS5 design that comes with a detachable disc drive. According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, sources familiar with Sony’s plans say the company is working on this redesigned version of the console right now.

This would be the first major shift in the design of the PS5 since its launch in 2020. What’s more, is that Sony may be looking to launch this new version of the console late next year.

Henderson notes that the console may be ready for launch in September of 2023. Putting the release about a year out and in time for the 2023 holiday shopping season. Currently Sony sells a Disc Edition and Digital Edition of the PS5. So you can already get one without the disc drive attached.


A detachable disc drive for the PS5 console may be for easy replacement

Based on additional information from Henderson, it seems like Sony may be planning to release this new PS5 model for easy consumer replacement. The drive reportedly connects to the console through a second USB-C port, which will be featured on the back.

However, it’s also said to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t look different from the currently available Disc Edition. Suggesting that the drive will still sit under the console cover. Henderson also states that Sony is planning to sell the disc drives separately. Which would make for easy consumer replacement if something with the disc drive ever became damaged.

Keeping that in mind, Sony would still offer warranty on the PS5 if the disc drive was ever faulty. Provided the warranty was still valid. But this idea to have it be detachable seems to be in the event that consumers have a console that’s ever out of warranty. Or if the disc drive gets physically damaged in a way that warranty wouldn’t cover.


Sony has already released a couple of PS5 revisions since launch. With the most recent one shaving off even more weight by swapping out additional parts, and consuming less power.