Snapchat For PC Is Now Available To Everyone

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Earlier this year, Snap unveiled a new Snapchat web client for PC. When the company first announced it, it was only for people subscribed to Snapchat+. Now, the Snapchat web client is available to everyone.

Snapchat+ is the company’s premium subscription service. Members of the service get early access to new and experimental features that the company is working on. When Snap first unveiled it, there wasn’t really anything that it offered to make the price tag worth it. Now, there are some to help justify the premium.

Snapchat for PC is available to everyone

Snapchat for PC seemed to be the first main feature of Snapchat+. As the name implies, it’s a web app that you can use to contact your friends on Snapchat. It’s primarily for messaging and video calling- the “chatting” in Snapchatting. It offers a large-screen interface to make messaging other people easier. You’ll have access to your physical keyboard, so writing longer messages will be a lot easier.


You’ll see the person you’re messaging on the right side of the screen and a list of your contacts on the left side. If you’re on a video call, then you’ll see the video feed on the far right, your chat with that person in the middle, and your contact list on the left. Speaking of video calls, you’ll be able to have several people in a video call with the web app.

While this is mainly for messaging people, you can still use the web app to send snaps as well. When you open up the web app, you’ll see a little window showing a feed from your webcam. You’ll use that to apply filters, use effects, and send your snaps. Just know that you’ll need to grant your browser permission to use the camera and microphone.

If you’re excited about using this web app, you can access it today. Just follow this link.