Ring Wants To Replace Security Guards With A Robot

Astro VSG 2 Large

Last year, at this same services and devices event, Amazon announced Astro. A little robot that will follow you around the house. Now, Ring wants to use that robot to replace security guards at businesses. Ring says that “for some businesses, having on-site patrol is essential, but it’s also expensive”. So it believes that Astro can help with that.

So, Ring is integrating its existing Virtual Security Guard features with Astro. By doing this, it adds camera motion event monitoring from Rapid Response to your enrolled cameras when your Ring Alarm is in Away Mode. Now when motion is triggered, an agent will check the motion event and take appropriate action. Agents are able to use two-way talk to help deter unwanted activity or request emergency dispatch if needed. Ring says that Virtual Security Guard is available now in early access and will be rolling out more widely in the coming months.

Ring is also aiming to upgrade businesses’ existing camera system

A lot of businesses already have cameras all around their location, to keep an eye on things. But there’s really no way to easily view feeds on the go. So, Ring announced that it added support for ONVIF-compatible cameras to the Ring app. This simplifies access to feeds and streamlining control in one place.


With supported ONVIF-compatible cameras, a Ring Alarm Pro base station, a compatible Ring Protect Pro subscription and enrollment in Professional Monitoring, you can get all the convenient features Ring has, without spending money on more cameras. These ONVIF-compatible cameras will also be able to work with the Virtual Security Guard for even more functionality.

This is all part of Ring looking to better tailor their products to businesses needs. So whether you own a car dealership, salon, a grocery store, your business can be protected, without spending a ton of money on an outdated camera system.