1440p Support And More Roll Out As Part Latest PS5 Update

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Sony has started pushing out its latest update for the PS5, which includes the support for 1440p resolution, game lists, and more. The update is rolling out globally so if you have a PS5, you should see the update available the next time you power it on. That is if it isn’t in rest mode and you have updates to automatically download and install.

Sony initially pushed out support for 1440p resolution to the PS5 as part of its beta update earlier this year. So this isn’t the first we’ve seen of the feature. But to test it out you’d have to be part of the beta, which is available via invite only. Participation in the beta also isn’t guaranteed and you’d have had to request an invite to be considered. So today’s update is the first time that a larger portion of PS5 users will get the chance to mess around with these new features.

PS5 users can update their console to choose 1440p resolution

Prior to the update, your only options for resolution were 1080p and 4K. 1440p adds a third option for users. Although it’ll likely be the most useful for those who have their PS5 connected to a PC monitor with a native 1440p QHD resolution. 1440p resolution support isn’t the only new part of this update either.


The PS5 now also supports Game Lists. These let you create lists to organize your games and make it easier to find the ones you want to play. Game lists can have up to 100 games in them and be a mix of both disc and digital games. You can also have a maximum of 15 lists.

Additionally, the update includes new social features for the PS App. Such as requesting a friend share their screen and the ability to launch a remote play session from the app. Sony also added an ability to search the YouTube app through voice if you don’t feel like messing with the controller. The voice search however is currently limited to English and only for users in the US and UK.