Nothing Laptop May Launch At Some Point, But Not Anytime Soon

01 Nothing logo box DG AH 2021

It seems like Nothing considered launching a laptop as well. The company’s founder, Carl Pei, had something interesting to say on Twitter, while replying to a question.

Nothing Laptop may become a thing at one point, but not soon

He was asked whether Nothing plans to launch a laptop. Carl Pei said that the company not only considered it, but also made some concepts. The thing is, Nothing is a very young company, it’s only two years old. Carl Pei wants it to become a success in other categories first.

Nothing released a pair of truly wireless earbuds, and a new pair is coming soon. It also launched a smartphone, and has some other products in the pipeline. It wants to become successful in those areas first, which is completely understandable.


Such young companies can’t exactly afford to make a ton of devices at once, and then see what happens for all of them. Not only is it expensive to develop and make all those products, but there’s always a chance that at least some of them will flop.

Carl Pei is aware Nothing can’t really release a ton of products at once, for various reasons

Nothing needs to take things one step at a time, and Carl Pei is fully aware of that. We can probably expect more audio products from Nothing, and more phones, in addition to a smartwatch, perhaps. We’re only guessing, though, it remains to be seen.

The company managed to get a lot of attention with its first-ever smartphone. The Nothing Phone (1) is its name, and it’s an interesting phone, to say the least.


The device features a see-through back, where you’ll find a ton of LEDs. Those LEDs can create unique light effects when you receive calls, messages, and so on. The phone overall looks quite interesting.

It remains to be seen where will Nothing take things from here, but it seems like it adopted this see-through design preference. Both its earbuds and its smartphone feature a see-through component. It would surely be interesting to see a see-through laptop.