Netflix Could Unveil Its Ad-Supported Plan On November 1st

Netflix Logo on Pixel 6

Netflix, just like Disney+, is going to introduce a cheaper ad-supported price tier, and we’re all speculating on what the price will be. While we’re waiting to see what the price is, we might know when this tier will launch. Netflix could introduce its new tier on November 1st.

The company is working on a cheaper ad-supported tier

In case you need a refresher on what’s going on, here’s a rundown. Netflix, earlier this year, announced that it was introducing a cheaper ad-supported payment tier. Over the past couple of months, the company looked around at companies like Google, Microsoft, Roku, and others to provide the ads for its tier. It eventually chose Microsoft for its partnership.

When it comes to how the company plans on managing the ads, it seems that it doesn’t want to bombard you with them. The company stated that it will show no more than four minutes of ads per hour. That’s great, as you’d get nearly four minutes of ads for 22-minute shows on Hulu.


When it comes to the content you’ll get with the tier, that remains to be seen. Netflix licensed content from different studios under the agreement that it would show them without ads. However, with this new tier, the company needs to renegotiate these licenses to include ads. So, if a studio decides not to renegotiate, the company won’t be able to show that content on the ad-supported tier.

This means that there’s the possibility that some of your favorite shows won’t be available. However, all of the company’s originals will be available.

As for the price of the plan, that also remains to be seen. However, some sources point to the plan costing somewhere between $7 and $9. We’ll need to see the features you get with the plan before we know if it will be worth it.


Netflix could introduce the plan on November 1st

If you’re wondering when this plan will come, there might not be much time to wait. November 1st seems to be the date, according to sources like The Wall Street Journal and Variety (via Android Authority).

This puts it at almost a solid two months away. We’re certain that we’ll get a more precise price figure before then along with the potential features.