Netflix Begins Rolling Out Gamertag Feature For Mobile Games

Netflix Gamertag Feature

Netflix is finally releasing its gamertag feature so players of its mobile games have a “more personalized experience.” Netflix says its game handles will allow for better social interaction when playing games, and are intended to help players “discover, make friends, and play with each other.”

The company began testing a gamertag feature back in August. At the time it was only available for a few games though. This included Into The Breach, Bowling Ballers, HeadsUp!, and Mahjong Solitaire. Now that the feature is done with testing, it’s getting a much wider reach.

Game handles can be set up for both Android and iOS users. And it only “takes a few simple steps” and then you’re done, says Netflix. If you’re on Android, you just need to open the Netflix app and navigate to the Games tab. From there, you should see a banner that says “create your Netflix game handle.” Simple right? And honestly, the hardest part might be trying to think of a game handle you want to use.


That being said, the option to set one up hasn’t appeared for us yet. So it may be rolling out slowly. It should also be rolling out to every region where mobile games are available in the app.

The Netflix gamertag is compatible with all games

Unlike before when the feature was in testing, Netflix has expanded the feature to more titles. In fact, Netflix says it’ll be available across all mobile games on offer. So whether you’re playing a multiplayer game or a solo game, your chosen handle is how other players will see you.

The game handle is merely Netflix’s latest infusion of an enhanced mobile gaming experience. Beyond that the company has been adding quite a few new games. One of its latest was Oxenfree, which was added officially on September 24. This special ‘Netflix Edition’ of the game was mostly unchanged. But it did add language support with matching subtitles for over 30 languages.


It’s also looking at adding more games in 2023 and potentially more titles before the end of this year.