LG Announced Some Products To Help Take Care Of Your Shoes

LG styler products

LG has been working on metalenses, electronic vehicles, batteries for the latest Galaxy foldables, and a tablet recently. So, why shouldn’t it work on a way to take care of your shoes? At IFA, LG announced its Styler products that will help keep you show off your shoes and keep them fresh.

LG makes a ton of products for consumers and businesses, and it’s been boosting productivity since it left the smartphone industry last year. At IFA, it was able to show off some of what it’s been working on. The company unveiled a TV that can actually go from flat to curved with a press of a button. You can check that out here.

LG announced its Styler Show care products at IFA

This one is for all of the shoe enthusiasts out there. LG unveiled its new Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare products. Starting with the Styler ShoeCase, this is for people who like to show off their new shoes. It’s a display case with transparent panels for you to store your shoes.


It’s not only for storing your shoes, it’s also for showcasing them. The case has a 360° rotating turntable that will show your shoes from every angle. If you just bought a new pair of shoes, then you’ll be able to show them off with pride.

While the panels are transparent, they’re coated with a UV light-absorbing material that reduces how much UV light makes it to the shoes. UV light causes colors to fade over time.

Moving on to the next product, LG unveiled the Styler ShoeCare. This device is really to show off your shoes, but it’s meant to help keep them fresh. LG has a technology called Truesteam. This is something that the company’s dryers use. This technology uses steam to release dirt from fabrics.


Now, the company is using this technology to keep your shoes fresh. Suffice to say, shoes can get rather dirty and smelly if you wear them for a long time. What this device will do is use the Trusteam technology to remove dirt from the shoes and keep them from smelling.

There’s no word on the pricing and availability of these products, so we’re going to keep an eye out for that information.